Jupiter Conjunct Mercury

Jupiter Conjunct Mercury Natal

Your mind is far-reaching—perhaps so far-reaching that details and the obvious escape your scrutiny. You mostly have faith that the little things, if they matter, will work themselves out later. This likely prompts you to read and think widely, drawing together subjects and ideas that aren’t often put on the same bookshelf, much less in the same sentence. Unfortunately, you so passionately want to fuse great insights together that you might embellish. If you frequently blend too much, you may often come up short with a fact-checker. Still, your broad scope and approach will get others thinking. Likewise, you'll often see opportunities and possibilities for others way before they do, some believing you're endowed with prophetic abilities. Yet, you can also be so scattered that you lose track of things, like your car keys. Keeping a consistent routine or place for your things will help reduce any ways you feel scatterbrained.

Jupiter Conjunct Mercury Transit

More than usual, you’re inclined to see connections between subjects, people, and things. In fact, your hands and other parts of your body might strive hard to keep up with what your mind readily perceives. Of course, this dissonance between mind and body can make it easier for you to lose things or to have obvious things escape your notice. You're perhaps so focused on the wide vistas in front of you, you forget to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground. You might also rush to fuse ideas together, sloppily glossing over points where they don't fit as neatly. Similarly, you can talk around an issue, without directly and crisply addressing it. Or you could end up just telling white or flat-out lies to tell the story that best suits your needs in the moment. Instead, remember that a broader perspective can lead you and others to more wisdom, not winging it with everything.

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