Jupiter Conjunct Neptune

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune Natal

You're a natural-born dreamer... and sometimes your dreams come true. You're moved by grand visions, with many of them seeming to touch a reality very different from the one around most people. This might strike some as mystical, and others as idle fantasy. You often see others as too cynical about what's possible in the world. Yet, you must think about what's probable as much as you entertain possibilities. All opportunities and dreams can't be realized in one lifetime. You will have to be selective about which ones mirror common reality enough that you can nurture them into existence. You have a profound trust in the mystery of life and see that we're more connected than we regularly acknowledge. This often leads you to have a profound compassion for many creatures, whether animal, vegetable, or mineral. You have at least one dream related to minimizing the suffering of others.

Jupiter Conjunct Neptune Transit

It’s a very good time to revise your vision board, if you have one, or engage in any activity that requires imagination (like changing the look of your website or writing a novel). You're prone to be more mystical and charitable, as well. You feel there's deep unity between you and other creatures, and you either seek to understand that perception better or to put it into practice by donating time, energy, and resources to whoever needs it. Yet, this pull toward dissolving boundaries between you and everything can also lead you to overindulge in mind-altering substances. Used in moderation, if so inclined, these substances might help you safely reach new heights of spiritual experience. Or, in excess, they might dissolve too much of your life. Similarly, be careful of fantasizing too much: Wishing something were true is surely not like willing it into existence. Will your wishes into manifestation gently—don’t leave them to chance.

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