Jupiter Conjunct Pluto

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto Natal

You often look at life as an adventure of survival and success. Although there's likely a fiercely competitive side to you, you're not so serious that you can't appreciate the more philosophical or even humorous sides of the journey. Still, you are serious. Survival for you is only a stepping stone toward success, and your definitions of what it means to survive will grow and expand as you climb up more into the world. You could easily believe that having or working with great sums of money is survival, rather than thriving. You could easily mistake greed for getting by, rather than seeing that you're getting over. Perhaps your thirst for great power, but you're not willing to be held accountable as you acquire it. Yet, you must remember that you likely wanted power and worldly goods in order to appreciate life better—and you don't always need more for that.

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto Transit

You have a new threshold for survival and how you want to enjoy life. If you've been living in less than enjoyable circumstances, your drive to change them is enormous. You're willing to meet whoever or do whatever it takes for greater success. But there's a way that the definitions for success and survival might blur that could lead to greed and excess. If you're not attentive, this could be a timeframe where you'll have to keep an eye on your high ideals and core humanitarian values. You could easily rationalize doing morally questionable things that you wouldn’t usually do. You can be so blinded by your pursuit to improve your circumstances that you're not thinking about the quality of the life you're creating. If you make a palatial life on unsound (or even illegal) foundations, you could end up right back where you started... or worse.

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