Jupiter Trine Neptune

Jupiter Trine Neptune Natal

Because you see how so many ideas and states of being blend together, you tend to avoid labeling yourself or others. You strive to see how humanity has so much more in common with each other than what separates us. This prompts you to be very interested in charitable work and anything that lifts and inspires people, including spiritual and religious teachings with that emphasis. You believe that there's nothing more fundamental than hope and vision, and you feel people suffer more from a lack of those things. Besides a strong sense of compassion, you're remarkably intuitive and empathic. Yet, it's wholly possible that the dreamer in you can get lost in their dreams. You must be careful with mind-altering substances, because you have a sensitivity that could easily lead to addiction. Likewise, you can fall so in love with a dream that you can't stand to face when it’s less than what you see in your head.

Jupiter Trine Neptune Transit

You're inspired to study and meet people who allow you to explore more of your humanitarian and spiritual dimensions. Likewise, you want to relieve any confusion and dissatisfaction you have with new philosophical, spiritual, or psychological insights that inspire and guide. You're probably also very sensitive to people's suffering, and want to work with others to end it. This sensitivity can border on “psychic,” either through dreams, sudden impressions, or thoughtful perceptions of how other people are feeling. You feel more easily attuned to nearly everything. But it's also easy to become overwhelmed and lose clear boundaries. That's why you should indulge moderately with any mind-altering substances, as they could make your already porous boundaries even more open. Similarly, you're inclined to trust people more than usual. Check in occasionally with a grounded loved one or friend during this transit, to be sure you're not ceding too much space and energy to people and things that aren't worth it.

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