Jupiter opposite Sun

Jupiter Opposite Sun Natal

You want others to see you as a larger-than-life character—and you probably don't have to work very hard at being one. Perhaps you draw a great deal of notice or admiration from friends and strangers alike. But that doesn't satisfy your desire to be seen in even wider and more influential circles. And that can be your problem much of the time. You’re likely to get into trouble by overselling your abilities. Or you puff up your ego so much that it’s mostly what other people see. What they might not see is how earnestly you want to see others do as well as you aspire to do. This prompts you to be magnanimous and generous. Likewise, you appreciate the vastness of life and human knowledge. So, at your best, you want to participate in all of it and make a significant impact. Just remember, that's what others strive to do as well.

Jupiter Opposite Sun Transit

You probably have grand expectations of yourself now, and significant people in your life might have the same. Like all expectations, there's always the risk of disappointment. You're prone to working hard to avoid letting yourself or others down. So, you might err more on the side of promising and attempting too much than striving to do too little. You're willing to “go big” because you dread the idea of going home. You're so keyed up for success and freedom that you're willing to risk nearly anything and everything to keep a grand view of life and yourself. Yet, it's important to remember that freedom involves keeping any promises to yourself first. This means you must know yourself and your abilities well. When you can't keep those fundamental promises, especially because you don't know yourself well enough, then it's only a matter of time before you shatter commitments to others.

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