Jupiter Trine Mercury

Jupiter Trine Mercury Natal

There’s a natural ability to create rapport and a sense of connection with almost anybody. It's mostly because you enjoy speaking to and learning from others. You can also readily teach others in easy-to-understand ways, without condescension. In fact, you probably know a great deal, and you seem to command a large amount of information in the blink of an eye. Yet, you don't always know what to do with all you know. Or you're more inclined to “stay in your lane” of study and expertise, and not veer too far into areas that you don't know well. Your challenge is that it's hard to find subjects or even conversations that move you beyond thinking they're interesting. It's rarer for you to land on what's compelling, or for that to last long. If you occasionally shake up what you choose to research and learn, you'll not only freshen up your knowledge set, you'll probably better appreciate your regular focus.

Jupiter Trine Mercury Transit

You'll have an easier time communicating your thoughts and ideas, and hearing what others say as well. You seek others out in a spirit of understanding and warmth. And that, in turn, excites others to be receptive to you—whether you're delivering good or bad news. You're less trying to impress with what you think than simply sharing it. This works well in pleasant settings where everyone's on the same page. But you might have trouble in situations where you must convince someone else, like during a competitive job interview or a presentation to a tough prospect. You'll need to turn up your passion a notch, as you could come off too carefree. This transit is better served in a relaxed learning environment or in easygoing conversations with people you know well, like friends, partners, or family. It also works for when you're midway through a project and must keep clear channels of information flowing.

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