Jupiter Trine Venus

Jupiter Trine Venus Natal

Whether physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional, you live for the ecstasies of pleasure in nearly all its forms. This possibly draws you into several good and challenging circumstances. (The good first, of course.) You will likely always find your way into a good party, and won't lack invites. You have exquisite, expensive taste and won't mind spending your last dollar (or someone else's) to bask in the sweetness of life. Yet, you're not selfish. You will do the same for another—especially your family, children, or partner—if you feel they would benefit from enjoying the best of what life has to offer. Similarly, if placed in an uncomfortable position, you can be quite creative and resourceful in uncovering ways to get back to your joys. But what could bring you trouble with this aspect is that you arrest your own development by not getting out of your comfort zone often enough.

Jupiter Trine Venus Transit

You're prone to being too lavish in enjoying the finer things of life. You're going to have sweet revenge on life for denying you the delights that should’ve been your due. Even the most rock-solid of monogamous relationships will require that you spend more time exploring what's out in the world, either together or separately. If you're single, though, then you're looking less to settle down and more to explore your options. If it's easy-breezy, you're content to mosey along. Yet, if you don’t take your pleasures in moderation, you're the one who could end up paying the most. Fortunately, you're likely not to be selfish with your bounty and good fortunes. You want to share fine and fun times with others, whether that’s through charity or socializing. Yet even good works on the behalf of others won't help, if you're spending more than you can afford. Or if you're more motivated to get to “happy hour” than you are to be happy with your own hard work.

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