Jupiter Square Pluto

Jupiter Square Pluto Natal

Often, you must have a carousel of projects and endeavors that match your drive and ambition. You long to accomplish much, as if your very life depends on it. On a profound level, you're attuned to how we make the most out of life—and deeply disturbed by anything or anyone (including yourself) who's not doing that. On the more benign end, this inspires you to be interested in rehabilitating people, houses, or whole institutions to perform at better levels. Yet, when you don't have a large enough focus or when you're less benevolent, you can easily come to believe that achieving the most out of life means being the only one on top. And you don't necessarily care who you must push out of the way to get there, because you're obsessed with squeezing as much flavor out of life as you can. Then, you're no longer extracting the excellence embedded in life, but crushing people... and your own better nature.

Jupiter Square Pluto Transit

You're long on drive and dedication in pursuing your goals. But you're short on open-mindedness and empathy. Your determination and single-mindedness are admirable. By hook or by crook, you're going to improve the quality of expression of a person, place, or thing—whether they’re fully willing and able, or not. This is true for yourself, too. For instance, you're prone to making extreme changes to your diet or home, in order to extract what you perceive as quality buried in a quagmire. You likely aren't wrong to dig beneath the surface with vigor and dedication. But who or what you don't wear down with your persistence, you will probably turn against you. You'll be able to do more if you find ways to create cooperation and assent, rather than being ruthless and combative to make the changes you want to make. You can keep a sense of urgency without losing any time or energy, if you look to enlist others in the pursuit of your aims.

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