Jupiter Square Uranus

Jupiter Square Uranus Natal

In more ways than one, you're an innovator and revolutionary. You can't help yourself. You want to see the world become better, like you constantly strive to improve. And you're willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen. That's often where you can get into the most trouble. You love the thought of bringing something “new” to individuals or groups, almost as much as you relish discovering something new yourself. It's an ultimate high, because it feels like you're doing something god-like. Yet, this aspiration can allow you to come off high and mighty, as if the efforts, routines, and thoughts of others aren't good enough. Perhaps they're not that good, but you can't force change down people's throats. Likewise, your relentless pursuit to keep up with innovations and societal changes, whether ideological or sociological, probably takes a toll on you, too. You so never want to miss an opportunity that you miss out on simple, intimate pleasures with loved ones, nature, or knowing more about yourself.

Jupiter Square Uranus Transit

A “lucky break,” like a cash windfall or exposure to a fascinating new technology or idea, will likely break open a lot more for you. Perhaps you will see all the ways that you or your circumstances have been holding you back. You likely have all the zeal of a new convert to a religion or ideology. You suddenly want to look at everything as bound by the past and outmoded. You want to update everything, including yourself. You don't need any other timetable for the transformation of anything or anyone besides “right now.” And that's likely not realistic with everything. You're right to use your renewed energy and opportunity to make more happen. But if you have dreams of sparking off a global revolution, then you will likely have to be patient. Be content to think big, start small, and allow your creativity to inspire people where they are—rather than where you want to rush them.

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