Jupiter opposite Mars

Jupiter Opposite Mars Natal

You live to prove yourself in some majestic way. Often you just want something to do, since you find a lot of energy coursing through you. There's nothing wrong with that, but you must be sure you're accomplishing tasks that are worthy of your talents, energy, time, and ambitions. This is where having plans and pacing your efforts would serve you best. Otherwise, you can end up exhausting yourself and voiding important opportunities because you alienate people in senseless squabbles. If you have projects or an overall life mission that inspires the best out of you, then you're inclined to devote more of your attention to those with whom you can build, rather than those who oppose you. That doesn't mean you're not prepared to stand up for yourself. That's perhaps too true and easy. Instead, cultivate the wisdom to know when to fight and when to change your strategy.

Jupiter Opposite Mars Transit

You might often land in epic battles and debates with people whose beliefs or perspectives are different from your own. You're not entirely clear if you want to win, or win them over. The problem is that you might think those two goals are the same thing, when they're not. You're capable of making great achievements, even rather quickly. But you can easily become distracted when you lose the bigger picture, or don't even have a conception of what that is. So, you're prone to think that a major battle you're waging with folks is what you should be doing, rather than seeing that as only one small skirmish in a larger expedition. Winning them over won’t be important if you have a superior strategy. Similarly, you'll have to keep a careful eye on your energy levels, as you easily could try to do too much when everything in you is empty.

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