Jupiter opposite Uranus

Jupiter Opposite Uranus Natal

You're an original who's seeking to shatter all molds, especially your own. In fact, you might break your own mold so frequently that it's hard for others to keep up. And you likely want them to keep up by shattering other molds, too, if only for their own benefit. That's probably where you'll experience the most difficulty. At your best, you can encourage others to engage in playful and novel explorations of how they do anything, from technology to what they believe and who they are. But, at your worst, you can come to take your interest in all things new and creative too seriously, and become overzealous about being an agent of change. Two things to remember: Change often works both ways, and the best change agents don't need to force any revolution where there's already fertile ground to cultivate it. You likely wouldn't want someone shoving reformation down your throat. Be considerate enough to avoid that disrespect.  

Jupiter Opposite Uranus Transit

Like unjamming traffic congestion in your life, it might take only one good thing snapping into place after much expectation to put a cascade of important things in motion. At first, you might not even appreciate or realize how one thing had been blocking your view of other possible vistas in your life. But once you get a taste of these newfound opportunities, you probably want to push for more—and you're not as patient for them to happen. Of course, these desired sweeping changes will likely involve other people. Perhaps you fear they’ll set more obstacles along your path to the new you and prospects you feel you deserve and have earned. Yet, it’s this anxiety that might prove the greater obstacle now. Best to have confidence and faith that you will find the paths meant for you. With this transit, you must be more like water and move around what's in your way, especially now that you are in the flow.  

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