Jupiter Square Neptune

Jupiter Square Neptune Natal

No one had to tell you that “faith without works is dead.” You consistently strive to keep your ideals, beliefs, and dreams alive and in motion. You might often be pressed to articulate or even defend why you believe as you do. You're equally inclined to bring the fight to others about what they believe and why. These are all good things if you stay focused on your visions, rather than allowing them to drift and change too often. You might easily be an active Buddhist for several years and then bring that same zeal to what you do as a born-again Christian later. It's not that changing beliefs or faiths is bad. Perhaps, for you, your life journey isn't so much about finding the right faith or dream. Your soul’s work is tending to your dreams and beliefs as they develop organically, rather than looking for a mirror reflection of them in another tradition or ideology.

Jupiter Square Neptune Transit

Personally, ideologically, or religiously, you want to demonstrate the strength of your convictions in action. If you've had a vision or dream, like to open your own shop or launch a charitable foundation or organization, then you're likely inspired to work on it now. But this isn't a transit for heavy lifting. It’s more about clarifying the nature of your vision in tangible ways (like working with an architect to map out the look and feel of your dream shop, or discussing options for the tax status of your foundation with your attorney). You can expect times when your ideas and dreams won't square well with what's possible in the world. Yet, don't be discouraged. You can and will find the point when the soft, yet bright light of your visions blends successfully with the shadowy, doubtful nature of putting things together in the real world.

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