Jupiter Conjunct Mars

Jupiter Conjunct Mars Natal

You see how you can do so much for the world. Or perhaps, you see there's so much that needs to be done that you must at least try to do something to change it. You're not content, though, just to do your little bit. You feel you must make a big splash—if not for your ego, then because you sense that it's the only way to right the serious wrongs you witness. The world, though, is vast, and you must become increasingly selective with how you try to effect reform. Otherwise, you risk exhausting yourself and your resources. Likewise, you might see your talents and abilities in an unrealistic light. It's wholly possible that you need more training and support than you're willing to accept. If you're unwilling to cope with that, then you will likely come off in a more forceful way that repels others, rather than attracting them to your cause and efforts.

Jupiter Conjunct Mars Natal & Transit

You feel called to accomplish something great and impactful, either for the world or for those you care about. This inspires you enormously, and you might even feel like each opportunity to work on your mission lifts you from the ground. But be sure your calling goads you more toward gentle inspiration than pushing others around. The same might be true for how you deal with your own body. The biblical adage, “the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak,” should be honored as you may try to do more all at once than your body can handle. You can easily end up running in so many directions to do a lot, that you end up doing very little. It's best to break up your mission or work goals into smaller bits to tackle. That way, you can put your all into more, without trying to dive into every morsel of your heart's desire all at once.

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