Jupiter Sextile Mercury

Jupiter Sextile Mercury Natal

You have a modest curiosity about a great many subjects and interests. You will talk or listen to nearly anyone, if you feel they have something interesting to say. You're an excellent facilitator of dialogue and debate. You might not even waste too much time thinking about whether you agree or disagree with someone. Mostly, you enjoy feeling stimulated or provoking others to think, believing that the more options and ideas in the pot, the better. You also relish sharing your ideas with others, perhaps humorously peppering them with sundry interesting facts and notions you've picked up in your travels and meanderings. But it might often be difficult for you to thread together disparate notions that you have only casually understood or known. You may be content to sound impressive, rather than fully committing more effort to be impressive with the knowledge you already command.

Jupiter Sextile Mercury Transit

You're mentally stimulated and excited by a lot of subjects and interests now. This definitely facilitates your learning, business, and communication skills. But it also allows you to be easily distracted by interesting conversations that come your way. You perhaps want to talk to more people than usual—or they wish to speak with you, since you appear to have a similar mindset. Yet, you shouldn't make too much of the brainstorming and exciting conversations you have. You're more likely to encounter people who, like yourself, enjoy the thrill and buzz of ideas rather than engaging in rigorous research or implementation. But if you've needed a fresh and wider perspective on various topics, this transit will more than satisfy. It's great for getting your figurative toes wet before you take a full-on splash into deeper study and commitment later.

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