Jupiter Conjunct Uranus

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus Natal

If it's unorthodox and unusual, you're likely into it. The more “off-the-beaten-path” a philosophy, religion, or strain of thought is from your upbringing, the better. You want to shake things up continually, even with your own thinking. You're probably never content to see things from only one angle. Yet, you share your convictions with such zeal that you could easily give off the impression that you’ve believed what you’re espousing forever, and always will. Others might be surprised or even angered by how quickly you can cycle through your beliefs. Yet, you're mostly attempting to see yourself in new ways. You even fear that you could be trapped into an unquestioned cycle of thinking and living like a zombie. Still, you need to look closer at the nuances of difference between those you believe you know so well. Then, you may discover more of the surprises you love and seek.

Jupiter Conjunct Uranus Transit

Perhaps a fortunate event suddenly shifts the usual course of your life. The event doesn't necessarily need to be as spectacular as winning a huge lottery pot, but you might be surprised by how you're able to see the world anew, beaming with possibility and opportunity. This might have a deep and unexpected psychological impact on you. At first, you could feel relieved and very grateful for any and all changes in your life. But you might then seek out greater changes and desire to be as free as possible of any life constraints. You might also want to liberate others just as much or as fast, by becoming involved with people who have more radical ideas. Overall, you likely experience a “divine discontent.” You're not just ready for change, but ready to experience more of the bounty that you’ve either been long denied or put off reaching for.

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