Jupiter Sextile Mars

Jupiter Sextile Mars Natal

Opportunity seems to ring you often enough that you're confident something good will come your way sooner or later. Especially when things don't look that great from an outside point of view, you tend to keep an optimistic point of view anyway. That's why you flock to people whom you can identify as “positive.” You believe life is suffused with possibilities when you're open to them. You need only be willing to try anything once. You might not consider yourself a daredevil, but you're certainly no scaredy-cat or wallflower, either. You're more “thrill-seeking-adjacent.” You enjoy pushing your body to some physical limit, if only to know what your limits are. But you likely only do this occasionally, and usually in the company of like-minded folks. You don't like the idea of upsetting the people who care about you too much. And you're only looking for a taste of danger and adventure—not a full-on, lifelong diet of it.

Jupiter Sextile Mars Transit

Whether you have a clear reason for it or not, you likely feel optimistic and cheerful now. This transit tantalizes you with an excitement for life in general, and a keen interest to share your gifts in a meaningful way. Where there's a will, there's usually a way. And you probably won't have to do much for an opportunity to wend its way to you. This is partly because others see and appreciate your enthusiasm and openness. Though you have thoughts to go out and make something happen, it's probably not your focus to approach life that way now. You're looking less to conquer the world with your will, than to be willing and ready if given the chance. But you'll have to be sure you're truly up for it. You can be so intent on keeping your options open that you miss a perfect one that lands at your doorstep.

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