Jupiter Square Moon

Jupiter Square Moon Natal

You experience your feelings in a dramatic fashion. This might be melodramatic at times, like when you're overreacting to an event that many would see as minor. Other times, you can empathize and appreciate the emotional nuances of someone’s experience and respond with deep compassion and great generosity. It all depends on where you direct your focus. If you're caught up with self-regard and concern, you're apt to amplify your feelings and needs over the experience of others. You're looking for people and the world to impress you somehow, so you can feel the grandeur you desire. But the world doesn't exist for your entertainment. When your focus is more on others, you will work and fight hard to satisfy others, especially when they're in need. Your principal focus might be those who are familiar to you, like friends or family. But you can easily extend your kindness and encouragement to strangers, if they're receptive.

Jupiter Square Moon Transit

Most likely, you're very in touch with your emotions—or anyone and anything that stirs them. The gale of these feelings might blow you toward hyperbole and oversensitivity. For instance, a minor insult might not only hurt your feelings but feel like a crushing blow to your sense of safety. Similarly, you might not just like a new person you've met—you LOOOOVE them! On the other hand, you can be very attentive and understanding of what others are feeling, especially if they're coping with undue stress and hardship. This will likely release your need to do whatever you can to help relieve their distress. Ultimately, you have trouble gauging what you feel and how much you should let show or allow to impact you. Yet, few will say that you're giving too little. Perhaps your best course of action now is to see your emotions more like the great sea: You can control it, but you can't shrink it or stop it from teeming with energy.

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