Jupiter opposite Neptune

Jupiter Opposite Neptune Natal

You probably hate the idea that the sky is the limit. Really, you don't want any limits. It's enough that you're bound in a body, with physical sensations and loads of emotional responses. You want more to experience your boundless, even eternal self. You're drawn to philosophies and traditions that lift you and others beyond mundane and humdrum concerns, and more toward how people can come together or experience transcendent states of being. You might also work tirelessly to rescue people from miserable conditions—whether they see things that way or not. This could prompt you to assume a savior complex. You also might not realize that your push to break boundaries can lead you to have broken ones of your own, starting with your own body. This perhaps leaves you open to infections and general immunity compromises. You must be careful how you indulge with mind-altering substances, too. You can easily become addicted to how they transport you away from the tedium of everyday life.

Jupiter Opposite Neptune Transit

You're tuned into lofty ideas and notions that push you beyond regular boundaries and concerns. You're inclined to become more involved in charitable efforts, because you're acutely sensitive to discrepancies between people and you want to bridge them. Yet, you might strive to bring together more than what's possible—or even be deceived about what's really going on. For instance, you could try to help someone you thought was in need, only to learn that they weren't bad off at all. Similarly, you must be careful about how you use mind-altering substances. There's a chance you could abuse them, especially if you have a personal or familial history of addiction. Overall, this transit works best when you concentrate on putting high-minded philosophical ideas into practice. Yet you must stay grounded and alert, rather than yielding to dreamy efforts without question or reflection.

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