Jupiter opposite Pluto

Jupiter Opposite Pluto Natal

You have extremist qualities in your nature that can prompt you to be zealous and self-righteous with your opinions or perceptions of the truth. You might also believe that you're unfairly persecuted or targeted for your gifts, beliefs, intellect, or anything that sets you apart from others. In this sense, your pursuit for power is justified. You feel you must fight for your very survival, against others or only hostile circumstances, especially early in life. Yet, you can easily come to believe that you must keep on waging a war for your survival... long after you've won it. It's likely true that there are some who are envious of you and your success, but you must be careful not to become so paranoid as to think that everyone is out to get you. Then you can build up too many unnecessary physical, emotional, and social blockades to your own growth and development.

Jupiter Opposite Pluto Transit

You're inspired to fight for a righteous cause, even if that's for your very survival. This doesn't necessarily mean that you will be in life-threatening circumstances during this time. But it might seem like it, especially if you meet resistance as you strive to advance in your career. The resistance, though, should not be wholly unexpected. You're likely engaging people or situations from at least three years back that you didn't properly address or correct. It's important that you deal with things as they are now, not as you fear them to be. Since you're likely to imagine the worst scenarios and intentions from others, you can easily become paranoid and project more issues onto someone than what's happening. It becomes important to create more alliances and cooperation, rather than feeling you must sink into a den to either gird yourself for battle or lick your wounds.

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