Jupiter Square Sun

Jupiter Square Sun Natal

You struggle with greatness. At times, you're so focused on, anxious about, or enamored with your own greatness that it's overwhelming for you...and others. Other times, you're too in awe of the world and its wonders to notice yourself. Even when you're in touch with both possibilities, each moment has its obstacles and opportunities. When you're enthralled by your own greatness, you feel as if you can do anything. This is particularly advantageous if you have real-world challenges to overcome. If you don't have a realistic appraisal of your talents and abilities, your confidence might not match what you say you can deliver. When you're all about the adventure of life, then you're inspiring, provocative, and encouraging. Some might read this as arrogant, but there's no doubt you're authentically yourself. Yet, you can easily become careless and have unreasonable expectations. Perhaps you rely more on chance than well-considered calculation.

Jupiter Square Sun Transit

You likely have grand plans for advancement and self-improvement. At your best, you strive to improve because you want to be a better human being and learn how to make a better contribution to the world and your community. If you expect too much progress too fast, though, you’re likely to be disappointed. You might even harm yourself trying to get huge results fast. Similarly, if you try to advance in your career, you might rely on a conception of yourself that others don't see. For instance, you might think you're the best qualified for a position at your office. But you perhaps come off as not only less qualified than you think, but also presumptuous. Yet, if you've conducted a realistic appraisal of your talents, your confidence will give you a boost toward the objective that you’ve earned and adequately prepared for.

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