Jupiter Trine Mars

Jupiter Trine Mars Natal

You appear to have a "Midas Touch." That might not assure that everything you touch turns to gold—just that your touch itself is golden. You appear to know how to push without being too pushy. You can pioneer without appearing as an invader. And you stick to a mission until completion, but not without compassion for yourself or others involved. What's most golden about you, though, is not all these ways you show your natural managerial skills and can-do talents. It's more the strength of your character and integrity. Most times, you would never think this a liability. But it can be, if you're not clear about how others might approach business or other joint ventures with less integrity than you. So, you could easily end up doing a lot of heavy lifting for other people on projects and endeavors without proper compensation or recognition. Like Midas, you will have to learn what to touch and what not to.

Jupiter Trine Mars Transit

At multiple levels and in multiple ways, you have the optimism, wisdom, cheer, and determination to increase your range of motion. For starters, you're looking to rise in the ranks in your chosen profession and field. You're more focused than fierce. In fact, you're bound to come off friendlier, and will soften people's resistance to you whether they’re potential customers, colleagues, or employers. A need for more freedom and space could direct you to be more physically active, especially outdoors. This probably won't become something demanding like climbing mountains. It might be more long walks and hikes. If you've felt cramped in your living space, then you might move or figure out ways to eke out more room in your current place. You're also inclined to smooth out the rough patches of anger and hard feelings you've had with anyone recently, especially a coworker. You don't want anything or anyone barring your pathway to greater happiness and success.

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