Jupiter Conjunct Moon

Jupiter Conjunct Moon Natal

Often, you’re willing to give the shirt right off your back to someone in need. You're not only that generous, but you have faith that your needs can and will be met, regardless of your present class background or childhood. You're often attentive and invested in the affairs of your home, family, and those closest to you. Perhaps you love to host people in your home. But your natural expectation that there's always more to come, for you or for others, means that you can also be wasteful with resources. You can be excessive in how you express and cater to your emotions, too. When you're happy, you likely want the whole world to know—and the same when you're sad. This same mentality can affect your diet, prompting you to eat and retain more than what's healthy. Yet, your excesses usually won't outweigh your nourishing and supportive heart.

Jupiter Conjunct Moon Transit

You feel well-nurtured and protected now. In turn, you're willing to extend that warm fuzziness by nurturing and looking out for the wellbeing of others, even strangers. Yet, you’re drawn more to having good times with family and dear ones, especially in a homey and comfortable setting. All this goodness can prompt you to overestimate and overindulge in what you have. You might give too indiscriminately—not only giving away what you can't afford to lose, but sharing what someone can't rightly appreciate. Your giving can easily become more about your ego than the charity itself. Likewise, your eyes and appetite can easily become bigger than you'd normally prefer your waistline to prudently hold. You're less interested in any constraints, including emotional ones. In a therapeutic setting, this is likely helpful. But you must be careful that you're not so self-indulgent about your emotional woes that they dominate too much of your mind and your conversations with others.

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