Jupiter opposite Saturn

Jupiter Opposite Saturn Natal

Consistently, you might face the challenge of how to manage your restlessness. You either struggle with your own attempts at that, or you're coping with how others try to do that to and for you. Of course, you're less open to others determining how you roam and experience freedom. So, when various authority figures throughout your life have attempted to “guide and direct” your independence, you have likely balked and overreacted. You sought such an unbridled license that it was probably not sustainable. Then you shrink back within yourself and attempt to bottle up your antsiness on your own—except that it will only work under very specific conditions. For starters, you must think more about your own long-term goals and aspirations, rather than constantly safeguarding your freedom. In other words, you must know what your freedom is for. Be about your life’s purpose, or others will try to harness your energy for busy work.

Jupiter Opposite Saturn Transit

On the surface, it seems as if various people—from partners to professional colleagues and authorities—are trying to rein you in. You might feel as if they're bridling your freedom. Yet, on closer introspection, you will likely discover that you are struggling with your own definition of what you want and how you can achieve it. In this sense, others are acting more like a foil to help you shape, at least in your mind, what you're trying to do. It's probably delusional to believe that you can escape all responsibilities now. But you can become clearer on what duties, tasks, and relationships you've outgrown and which ones you need to cultivate—including any that exist only in your mind's eye now. Once you’re clear on your own limits, no one can completely curtail your experience of freedom. That's easier to do when you begin to think long-term, rather than believing that running for open doors is your only recourse.

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