Jupiter Trine Sun

Jupiter Trine Sun Natal

The sun always seems to shine on your figurative side of the street. You’ve come to expect that good times will follow you, because you see yourself as a good person. Likewise, you enjoy spending time with people whom you also see as good and who have a similar lifestyle and mindset to you. You feel folks must do well with the cards that life has dealt them, and if they don't, then it's largely their fault. That doesn't mean you're not charitable or caring—you are. But you're not as concerned about changing the whole of society as you are with helping those in need who cross your path from sinking lower. You must be careful not to take your good health for granted. If it's good, you'll generally flow with what food and drink come your way. But that could become a problem if you have any health challenges or as your metabolism changes.

Jupiter Trine Sun Transit

You likely feel very content with how your life is moving along. Perhaps you want certain areas to improve, such as having more money or fun. But you're not overly concerned about having to make moves to do so. In fact, you want to use your likely fine health and energy to enjoy the company of loved ones, and enjoy life with as little strife and striving as possible. You're more likely to rest on your laurels than to be diligent. This could prove a liability when interviewing for jobs or closing in on other opportunities. You can easily overshoot your confidence. Perhaps not in an obnoxious or arrogant way, but you can assume more has been managed and secured than it has. If someone's mishaps jolt you out of your delight with life, you'll spring into action. But when things are back to normal, you will be, too.

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