Jupiter Square Saturn

Jupiter Square Saturn Natal

You often feel uneasy about striking a balance between freedom and responsibility. You could easily blow a good sum of money while gambling, yet lament losing a dollar on the street by accident. In other words, you want chance always to work in your favor, rather than unfavorably. Yet perhaps a lifelong challenge is to live out your convictions by choice rather than chance. You certainly can't control every outcome, but you can reduce how much dumb luck and random circumstances take hold in your life. The key is learning to leave enough room for inspiration and enthusiasm. Practically, that means you dream big and strive to accomplish great things. But you set up your plans to enhance your greatest chances for success. You must learn to live with doubt, while remaining steadfast with your magnificent intentions. That has all the makings of a great poker player, a successful exec, a wise investor, a great match funder, and a solid yet adventurous life.

Jupiter Square Saturn Transit

Sometimes, you must downsize to expand. You will likely become aware of ways you need to trim the fat in your life. It might be in how you're spending your time or money, or whether your health routines are working well enough for you. Although you would prefer to be certain about your direction, don't rush these shifts. What you intend to last and endure takes time and planning. And that's perhaps the biggest lesson. Sometimes, in fear, we rush to stave off doubts. We live by chance, rather than by choice. We fail to plan; Thus, we plan to fail. Planning can only do so much, so you needn't think that you can choose everything—you can't. But you can look closely at your financial and professional assets and decide whether you're using them well enough. Chances are, you're not. You might rely too much on hope, rather than on how things are.

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