Jupiter Sextile Moon

Jupiter Sextile Moon Natal

Even in challenging circumstances, you likely received enough warmth and protection from loved ones growing up that you can extend much of that same kindness and support to others. You find it natural to express your thoughts and emotions, especially with people you like or with whom you feel some kinship. You like the idea of charity work and donation, and you're more inclined to participate if people you know and trust are also involved. But you're likely more opportunistic with your generosity than venturing too far out of your way to help someone in need—especially if they're unfamiliar or somehow unpleasant. You're more content to keep things simple and incremental with how you grow, travel, or enjoy other people’s company. You might like a touch of grandeur, risk, or adventure occasionally, but you mostly want to feel safe in numbers and routines.

Jupiter Sextile Moon Transit

A general feeling of warmth and goodwill inclines you to enjoy the company of those familiar to you. It's not that you aren’t curious to meet new people. But you’d probably prefer it if new opportunities and contacts somehow found you, rather than you venturing too far out of your comfort zone to meet them. Yet, you could easily be cajoled into something different and fun if others you respect and like are doing it. If you've recently been under stress or at odds with anyone, you probably find it easier to open up and talk through what's been bothering you. This likely will only happen if you catch a spare moment, or if you have a chance encounter that allows you to make amends. Overall, you're content to take advantage of what good this transit has to offer. But you're not particularly invested in having to make anything dramatic happen

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