Jupiter Conjunct Venus

Jupiter Conjunct Venus Natal

Life is beautiful, and you want to surround yourself consistently with beautiful people, places, and things. You appreciate quality and will sacrifice much to enjoy it. Sometimes, you might even spend too much on it. You appreciate good company as well, even if you're more of a homebody. This is especially true for romantic relationships. You can easily be “in love with love” and the adventure of wooing and being wooed. You value the approval and esteem of others. This might prompt you to seek it out in ways that compromise your own health and integrity. For instance, you could be exhausted, but still feel compelled to attend a party because it's an important social event in your circle and you wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere else. On the other hand, your concern for people can also inspire you to do charitable, even saintly, acts for them.

Jupiter Conjunct Venus Transit

You can't help but feel overwhelmed by life's beauty and your desire to possess as much of it as possible. That could bode well for your social and love life. You might become a magnet for those who also want to experience love and life's beauty with you. This could lead you to host or attend fun and exciting parties or go out on very romantic dates (whether you're attached or single). It could also prompt you to entertain expectations that are difficult for anyone to fulfill completely, or at the speed and in the ways you desire. Perhaps you want glorious moments of love and happiness that effortlessly emerge—but this is rare. So, you must be careful not to recklessly sacrifice too much time, money, health, or personal integrity to experience unconditional love from any person, event, or thing.

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