Jupiter Sextile Sun

Jupiter Sextile Sun Natal

Most likely, you have an easy time gaining the attention and ear of influential people. You enjoy networking and discussing possibilities. You also like to have a good time, and others like inviting you to various events because you're often viewed as gracious, generous, and pleasant. Since you appear cultured, you're often at least superficially interested or knowledgeable about many topics. Yet, you can often become bored if there isn’t something “big” enough in the works, or if the people with whom you network aren't “important” enough. You perhaps focus so much on what's next with others that you don't give as much attention to initiating or following up on your own big plans. You're often too enthralled by the grand excitement of things in motion to think about how you can add to any progress. Reflecting and working on your talents and gifts is required, so you’ll bring more to the table.

Jupiter Sextile Sun Transit

It probably won't take much effort for you to be in the right place at the right time, with plenty of the right people. This isn't completely random luck, though: You're likely exuding enough positivity and optimism to make others want you around. You're equally drawn to people who are excited to enjoy life and accomplish great things. You're also looking for good times—and life is more inclined to oblige, including delightful encounters with old and new friends. It's an excellent time to clear more of your social calendar for spontaneous events and meetings, including networking events and happy hours. But be sure that you come with your A-game for professional pursuits. This means having a clear and realistic assessment of your talents and abilities. Otherwise, you might appear like someone who's looking to hitch themselves to the fastest shooting star, with no propulsion fuel of their own.

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