Jupiter Trine Moon

Jupiter Trine Moon Natal

You might be the last to know when you're feeling bad... or at least, when you should. That's because you're more inclined to focus on feeling good and doing good works for others. Perhaps you're convinced that there's nothing so bad that could happen to you (or anyone else) that a good meal or a warm home can't fix. This is probably why people are drawn to you for comfort and solace, especially in times of need. You project an air of calm and constancy in difficult times. You're likely generous and very charitable with those who come to you in distress or need. But you could also be in an emotional bubble where you don't allow sharp things to pop. You might trust too much that your needs will be met and not do enough to ensure that. Or you rely so much on your comforts that you don't take proper stock of how impermanent and fragile everything is.

Jupiter Trine Moon Transit

You likely feel so cocooned and snuggled by the goodness of life that it's very hard for stress, fear, or agitation to enter now. That doesn't mean every area of your life is going well. You're just less worried about whether you'll have your needs met. If you’re in need, you have an intuitive sense that help is on the way. Or you're content enough with what you have that striving for more can wait. This emotional certainty will likely be very attractive to others who need you, and you're probably happy to lend a hand or an ear to help. Yet, what might be difficult for you is cracking the cocoon when you need to be more proactive and less in the “chill zone.” Use the emotional steadiness of this transit to cope with difficult times—not only with the expectation that good times will return, but also alertness on how to keep out the bad.

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