Jupiter Sextile Pluto

Jupiter Sextile Pluto Natal

You may find it easy to gain the attention of powerful, influential people. Or you could easily influence a fair number of people. Perhaps it's because you give off an air of depth and intrigue that others see as equally compelling. It's probably not something that you do consciously, especially when you're younger. But as you mature, you become more aware of your astute powers of observation and persuasion. You're fascinated by psychology, sociology, and almost anything that helps you understand what makes people tick. You must be careful, because your deep understanding of people and their motivations makes it easy for you to manipulate them in situations they haven't had time to understand or process fully. This probably won't be an issue when you're paired with strong-willed people who are not only on par with you, but share your aspirations or goals.

Jupiter Sextile Pluto Transit

You gain easier access to power brokers and decision-makers, or become more of one yourself. You want to make big moves, so it's only fitting that you're now aligned to meet movers and shakers. But what facilitates your smooth connections is that you appear more as a kindred spirit than a potential competitor. You possess a sense of power and command of your own. If you stay aware and appreciative of your gifts and talents, rather than envious of what others have, you'll probably continue to vibe fluidly with influential people. You're also more likely to develop a greater appreciation and understanding of power, politics, and psychology in general. You're ultimately seeking to have more control over your life and direction. You're seeing that no person is an island, and that making alliances and connections is how you evolve from merely surviving to thriving.

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