Jupiter Trine Pluto

Jupiter Trine Pluto Natal

Without much fuss or fanfare, you are remarkably comfortable with demonstrating your power and ability. You likely have the kind of charisma and presence that exudes competence, wisdom, and strength. This perhaps makes it easy for you to get your way and be persuasive, with little effort on your part. Still, you must be attentive to how others perceive you. They could be unduly intimidated by you, and you'd be none the wiser. It probably wasn't even your intention to intimidate, but what you intend vs. how others perceive you can be an issue. It might even be confusing for you to know whether you truly want strong friends who can stand with you and up to you, or agreeable yes-people who follow your sage wisdom and vision. Ultimately, you know you can probably change more of the world with people who share your passion and determination, rather than agreeing to do your bidding.

Jupiter Trine Pluto Transit

Like a bulldozer, you might feel ready and inspired to make deep changes in your life or the lives of others. Armed with deep insights and motivation, you can likely see remedies for systemic and longstanding problems. Yet, you might not realize how intimidating and powerful you appear for those very same reasons. You're no longer in a holding pattern, as many people often like to keep themselves. So, when you show up with sleeves rolled up to get work done, you'll quickly discover that people are either right there with you or mobilized against you. Fortunately, with this transit, you're more focused on the people who share your passion and vision. But you must recognize and engage as gently as possible with those who are intimidated—even if you perceive them as more powerful. Perhaps you'll be able to head off any impasses before they emerge or become larger.

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