Jupiter Sextile Neptune

Jupiter Sextile Neptune Natal

Whether it's mystical, charitable, or ideological, you often seek to come together with others for a higher or grander purpose. You enjoy discussing how to serve an ideal that stirs your spirit, imagination, or dreams. Yet, your ideals are likely to change during your life. That's mostly because you can quickly outgrow or become bored with people and ideas. After a while, you become curious about what and who else looms over the horizon, with their own piece of what you suspect is a larger truth. On a personal level, you must be careful that your search for a grander sense of meaning doesn't lead you to believe that you, and those like you, are more special than others. Perhaps you feel that with most things, you’re more the exception than the rule. You might take unnecessary risks, like gambling too much, that are based more on your estimation of specialness and gifts than on the real odds.

Jupiter Sextile Neptune Transit

You draw people into your circle who are equally fascinated by mystical, ideological, or charitable interests, and relish the opportunity to discuss them more. You also want to see more of your dreams come true, and feel even more confident that this can happen now. That's excellent if you're looking to chat or sketch out more of what's on your mind. But you must be careful that you don't confuse a good conversation for actual progress and growth. Best to think that you're in the exploratory phase of any endeavor. You don't want to give or invest too much time into any one thing yet. Otherwise, the lofty nature of this transit might inspire you to expect more than what you can get back. You also wouldn't want to do any serious gambling at this time. Your estimation of the odds, mostly out of your control, will be skewed by your confidence. Stick to what you can see tangibly developing as you have envisioned.

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