Jupiter Sextile Saturn

Jupiter Sextile Saturn Natal

Since you appear to possess the right balance of ease and discipline, you strike others as a model citizen, boss, employee, etc. You know when and how to deliver tasteful jokes, yet you can also be serious (without being deathly so). You might even fall in the middle of the road politically. Yet, what others might not know is that you mostly stay in line because you're cautious. Still, your desire to be liked and appreciated counterbalances your reserve enough to nudge you past your fears and out of your comfort zone. Sometimes, you stay lukewarm about things because you can't make up your mind to have a preference one way or another. You're content to feel things out and move along. This definitely makes you flexible, but not necessarily firm about yourself or your principles. Others might mark this as opportunistic and, at times, think you're an impostor. Yet once you have clear convictions, irrespective of any contrary opinions, you'll be more authentically easygoing and disciplined without any need to force your views on others.

Jupiter Sextile Saturn Transit

You may try now to be middle-of-the-road on most issues, and fair-minded with friends and strangers alike. Yet, this apparent objectivity is less informed by an ability to see all sides of an issue than a lack of preference between contrasting sides. You're wary of sharing your opinions openly or glibly—perhaps because you've been too off-base or off-color recently. This is an excellent trait if you must navigate deftly through the treacherous waters of office or family politics. You can be friendly and an ally with nearly anyone, because you don't put yourself at odds with anything. But in more intimate relationships, you might come off more distant and lukewarm. You're better able to provide indispensable practical advice, but you’re possibly short on the empathy and passion to appreciate where someone's coming from. You'll have to summon more of your warmth, not well-balanced logic, to connect better.

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