Jupiter opposite Mercury

Jupiter Opposite Mercury Natal

Generally, you have an important point to make. And you're inclined to speak with a level of grandeur and sweep that makes you practically never boring. But often, it can also make you not as accurate as you would like. Even if you're right, you must still remember that being right isn't necessarily enough. It's how you're able to facilitate understanding and goodwill between others that makes being correct even better. Not just from an ego point of view, though that's probably very gratifying. But when you can balance attention to detail with an encompassing vision that includes people with differing points of view, then you're fulfilling the true power of this aspect. You don't have to get into the narrowness of an “either/or.” You can inspire others to see and build a “both/and” mentality. You’ll make it easier for others to be receptive to you and your points of view.

Jupiter Opposite Mercury Transit

Although it's probably not a proven fact that loose lips sink ships, shooting off at the mouth can do a lot to hurt you now. Even if you're not that talkative, you're inclined to spread your mental energies too thinly. You can either overthink some actions, or not quite think through other ones enough. This inevitably could cause problems with how you communicate, whether at home, the office, or even passing strangers on the street. The best course of action is to slow down. You might have too much invested in being right or showing that you have a greater understanding of what's going on. This invariably angers people. No one likes to be shown up in a debate or argument, even when they're dead wrong. You'll gain more vital harmony and accord by homing in less on details and facts and more on empathy, understanding, and goodwill.

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