Jupiter Sextile Uranus

Jupiter Sextile Uranus Natal

If something is unusual and innovative, you're probably the go-to person among your friends and family to ask about it. You're not only knowledgeable about important trends (especially with technology); you also have a knack for explaining things well. You enjoy learning and talking with others about possibilities of all kinds. In fact, the zanier the better, because you're often bored with humdrum problems and issues. What's more, you often believe that scientific and social advances should improve everyone's quality of life and freedom. So, you're fascinated by the idea of revolution and dramatic change. But you realistically don't expect the changes to come quickly, and might not feel that everyone is ready for sweeping overhauls... including you. That's why you do your small part to keep the conversation going: To provoke others (and yourself) to think outside the box, and adapt to shifts toward a more connected, egalitarian world.

Jupiter Sextile Uranus Transit

You’re likely to come across new tools, and people who expose you to different ways of living and enjoying life. You might not be fully committed to changing out everything in your life, but your appetite has been whetted for incremental improvement. Perhaps your eyes are also opened to how others are struggling to achieve more freedom and equality. This stimulates you to learn and discuss more about those who are marginalized or disenfranchised, and how they can make forward-moving progress. Although there's bound to be a lot of information and novel ideas coming your way, you probably feel like a sponge and can readily sop up more than you normally would. Yet, like a sponge, you can only retain so much before you have to release... and, in your case, relax. You might crave more stimulation, but be sure to take breaks. Otherwise, you can easily become overwhelmed by too much happening too fast.

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