Jupiter opposite Venus

Jupiter Opposite Venus Natal

Perhaps you feel that there's always someone trying to rain on your figurative parade. You want to enjoy life in grand style, and you're not inclined to curb any of your demands or spending on quality goods and services. This might prompt you to believe that most people are cheap with how they enjoy life, preferring to live for an uncertain future rather than what they can appreciate in the present. You aren't entirely wrong about that. You can help others to remember that life is to be lived with more delight than drudgery, whether that comes with a party, the philanthropy of kindness, or both. But nothing we enjoy comes from nowhere. There's always a cost and a price for the delights we relish—and someone must pay for them. That too is part of appreciating the moment. If you can live more in harmony with that sentiment, the less resentful you’ll be when it rains on your glorious parade.

Jupiter Opposite Venus Transit

Your love for and of anything will not be denied. Although you've had your own personal history with denying yourself delights and pleasures, you’re likely facing others who oppose you getting what you want for their own reasons. This can be very distressing if these are loved ones who stand in your way, like partners, friends, family, or colleagues. It is wholly possible that you're trying to enjoy too much too soon. Yet only you can adequately decide what's too much and when's too soon. And perhaps that's where you're experiencing the most resistance and confusion: You’re having trouble figuring that out. One way is to listen to your body. If you're gaining too much weight or seeing that it’s hard to keep it all together, then you have probably teetered toward excess. Another way is to pay attention to what's happening around you. If your bank and credit balances are out of whack, then chances are you need to pull back.

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