Jupiter Trine Saturn

Jupiter Trine Saturn Natal

You have the right mix of discipline, stamina, optimism, and cheer to make things grow. You do especially well in challenging situations, but only under key conditions. One is that you either work alone, or you work with people you trust and know. You have a delicate sense of rhythm and balance, and too many unpredictable variables can throw you off easily. Another condition is that, while you thrive with tough projects and situations, you're more a person who can turn it around when it's off-schedule and mission than someone who launches the inaugural journey. You fix and maintain better than you initiate and nurture. You don't need hoopla and festivities, so much as a call to action that makes good use of your sense of duty and diligence. But you're not all work. You know when to have fun and when to stay on the grind.

Jupiter Trine Saturn Transit

Like a bullet train, you’re well-calibrated to stay on track and time. This is mostly a positive thing if you don't have to contend with too many distractions or unpredictable variables. This suggests you'd prefer the company of people you trust and know well. Whether professional or personal, you will also fare better with projects that have a clear beginning, middle, and end. In fact, you'd prefer to deal with things that are already in motion and even off-track. You are optimistic and upbeat about such a task, yet disciplined and determined. But you can also be both firm and flexible with others. For instance, you’re able to let someone down gently when necessary. With little doubt, you’re clear about any difficult choices you must make. With this transit, you can keep on your grind and groove with those around you, including a little fun now and then.

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