Jupiter opposite Moon

Jupiter Opposite Moon Natal

“Never enough” might be your mantra. On the generous end, you're inclined to think there's always more you can give and do to help someone feel more comfortable. You're not only willing to go the extra mile, you're also willing to run it. Yet, there's another end to craving satisfaction ceaselessly: You steadily demand more and more from others and become too indulgent with yourself as well. You perhaps expect more from the world than any one person should be due. Or you might overestimate how much you give, and desire a higher return than you've earned. You likely don't care how much time or money you must spend to feel comfortable. So, for example, you can be inclined to overeat or even under-eat to reach whatever ideal makes you happy. These sentiments can easily spill over into other areas of your life, such as your intimate relationships and work, and harm you more than help.

Jupiter Opposite Moon Transit

You want more. At your best, you want to feel more of what life has to offer. Similarly, you want to make a lasting impression on others, especially those in need. You can also extend your overall good feelings toward others in whatever way possible. Perhaps you’ll do that by charitable giving, or hosting a splendid dinner at your home for family and friends. You’re grateful if you’ve helped make the world a better place, even for one night or one person. But at your worst, you're more likely to be extremely self-indulgent, using your emotions, food, and any other creature comforts to satisfy a deep sense of deprivation. You might feel like the world owes you what you're asking. But the truth is that nobody can fill that void but you. You must learn to do and enjoy more with less, rather than believing that amassing newer items and experiences will satisfy you.

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