Jupiter Sextile Venus

Jupiter Sextile Venus Natal

You delight in the company of creative, worldly, and pleasure-seeking people. You're friendly, so others are friendly back. You're rarely lacking options for what to do with others. Even if you choose more time alone, you keep an eye on enjoying some artistic expression that you can share with others later. Your tastes are likely broader and more wide-reaching than your family’s. Or, if their aesthetics are already sophisticated, you'll share in and add to their interests. You like a great number of things, and find it hard to dislike many—you just wouldn’t prefer them. In fact, it might be hard to stay a die-hard fan of one thing for long. You'd rather keep things light and easy with what you enjoy. Though you have some artistic talent of your own, you might not cultivate it fully. You just like stretching your palate and creative muscles. You’re content to understand an art form a little bit more from the inside out.

Jupiter Sextile Venus Transit

You might experience a sharp interest in the arts, perhaps even taking up the study of a creative expression. This also marks a great time to enjoy festivities in a crowd (or anything that leaves you relaxed yet stimulated), no matter the time of year. On a more intimate level, if you're single, you'll likely seek out the company of a romantic interest with fun flirtations and chatting. No need to rush toward something serious, as you're more interested in the thrill of the chase than catching or being caught. If you're partnered, then you might also flirt and date more with them. New and old friends might free-fall into your orbit faster than usual, perhaps complicating the efficiency of your work schedule and to-do lists. Overall, you'll likely have a hard time keeping your nose to the grindstone. You'd rather be smelling something delicious and delightful.

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