Jupiter Square Mercury

Jupiter Square Mercury Natal

You have urgent messages and thoughts to relay to others. Your mind races with so many thoughts: some vast and philosophical, others mundane and even petty. Sometimes you don't bother to sift between which are and aren’t consequential. You share it all with the same urgency and trust others will figure it out. Of course, you can become impatient when others don't seem to do that or even care. Yet, you must be willing to give as much care as you expect from others. This also includes listening and leaving space for feedback, rather than being caught up in your own input/output cycles. Similarly, you’ll need to learn to prune through details to know what fits in the big scheme of things—and what could be discarded to improve the potency of your message and communication.

Jupiter Square Mercury Transit

Your mind is stimulated, perhaps to the point of overdrive. There's so much to learn and share that you might not know where to start. So, you could easily move in multiple directions all at once, without accomplishing much at all. It's also possible you’re in such a rush to connect points (whether by commuting or communication) that you make careless mistakes, like missing your exit or stop. You'd do well to shrink your attention on a smaller aspect or detail of whatever you’re working on and explore as much of that as you can. For instance, you would do better to focus on writing one email well, rather than replying to ten more quickly and sloppily. Similarly, don't put your attention only on output. Be sure you're truly listening to others, rather than fixating on how you'll cleverly respond.

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