Jupiter Square Venus

Jupiter Square Venus Natal

You are lavish with all things related to love, beauty, and pleasure. When you're “into” something, you go all out with it. You live to enjoy life. You're apt to keep a very full social calendar, and you will regale friends, family, and lovers with the best of what life has to offer—whether you have the resources or not. You can be indulgent to the point of going into debt.   Likewise, you expect a lot from people. You can be profoundly disappointed when others are not as resplendent in demonstrating their affections, or as appreciative of quality as you are. Then you'll set off to greener pastures, because you're ever-optimistic that you can and will have the love and gratification you seek... no matter the cost. Yet, the price for your quest can leave you perpetually dissatisfied, unable to appreciate the many little things that make life sweet.

Jupiter Square Venus Transit

You have big loves—for romance, affection, pleasure, charity, good times, sweets—but perhaps your budget, belly, and calendar can't keep up with all your loving. Of course, wanting too much of a good thing isn’t awful. But it can be if you're not willing to acknowledge immediate and lasting consequences to experiencing only life's delights.   Perhaps the most surprising aftereffect will be your own gnawing dissatisfaction once you've fully given yourself over to something you'd hoped would be gratifying. It's not that you can't be happy now. It's more that you can't have happiness at the expense of other things that are less joyous, like work, clear communication, boundaries, etc. You may be even trying to make up for recent times when you said “no” to having a good time. The answer, of course, isn't to say “yes” to everything and everyone.

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