Mars Conjunct Mercury

Mars Conjunct Mercury Natal

You can agilely wield your sharp wit or capable arms for help or harm. It all depends on what end you need to demonstrate your prowess and power at the moment. You can handily cut someone down to size with a few crisp words if you want to vault up your pride or if you suspect someone's attacking your competence and confidence. You have a natural knack for cutting to the heart of a matter. That makes for a great editor, of all creative stripes. But you also might not mince words in settings where others expect more gentility or tact. Perhaps you are so economical in speech that others might take longer to catch your meaning. This probably angers you more. As you cultivate greater patience, you'll know how to wisely slice and dice your thoughts to suit others, sparing unnecessary effort, confusion, or insult to yourself or colleagues.

Mars Conjunct Mercury Transit

You want to spit fire now when it might be best to breathe slowly and calmly to settle down. Your thoughts and words can pack a punch, as they're likely dense with concentrated energy. You can best use that with anything that allows you to be joyful with focused effort and speed. You might surprise yourself by how fast you finish a workout, for example, if you're having a great time and the endorphins are just flowing. Likewise, you're better able to be direct in ways that associates will find refreshing and clear if you deliver those thoughts with tact and patience. But if you're angry, then your focus and quick-thinking can become weaponized, in word and deed. Then, for instance, rather than driving defensively in your car, you can be overwhelmed with road rage and become offensive in speech and manner on the road.  

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