Mars Square Mercury

Mars Square Mercury Natal

You know how to add zing and edge to your words, because your mind feels on fire. You want to burn away nonsensical, wasteful terms and concepts and arrive more at what's essential. When you speak, you strive to get to the point as much as possible, and you likely convey your points with lots of passion. Yet, you're perhaps frustrated that others don't seem to catch on with as much zeal or as fast as you. Likewise, you probably wish people could make their own points faster. Of course, it's wise for you to honor your mind's fire, but you must cultivate ways for your fire to last. That means recognizing that you can't always look for quick results. You can look instead for ways to refine your thinking as much as possible. You're not necessarily looking to sear anyone, but offer what your fire produces like a blacksmith who forges tools and weapons that last.  

Mars Square Mercury Transit

Your words and thoughts have a sharper edge than usual. Casual sarcasm might be delivered and then felt by another with more sting than you expected. Best to strive to be crisp and clear as you communicate rather than clever. This marks a great time for editing and pruning any kind of creative work. You also won't have time for a lot of idle chatter as you will want people to get to the point. You might also be more in a hurry when you travel. You might overestimate how fast you can be or underestimate the movements of others, making it very easy to have accidents or get in any unnecessary screaming matches. Overall, use this transit to get out in the open what needs to be said in the most direct way possible. Yet, you don't have to be unkind or clever at someone else's expense to be clear cut.

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