Mars opposite Pluto

Mars Opposite Pluto Natal

At times, you perhaps have such dark thoughts and feelings that you can't help but feel they either come from a past life or some otherworldly source. Regardless, what you decide as the origin, you're not sure when the worst will come out of you to haunt you or hunt after people who provoke you. Of course, the better solution is to seek an objective that compels the best of you and allows you to inspire the finest out of others. You can do that, if you instead don't become distracted by a cycle of control either to suppress your own complex emotions or fight the oppression you fear others want to yoke over you. Yet, your own intricate obsessions give you a deep and penetrating understanding of others and their motivations, perhaps even better than they have of themselves. You could better learn to use that to your advantage to head off conflict and issues before they surface.  

Mars Opposite Pluto Transit

Much of your repressed rage and anger erupt now. Perhaps the eruption comes from a resentment conditioned by how much you have done for others without recognition or due compensation. That you probably allowed for too long. Or it comes from a relatively new threat that endangers your own sense of control and self-determination. That you also saw coming but didn't do enough to prepare for. But seemingly fearful moments like this is when you must tap deep within yourself and know what you're made of. Any crisis becomes more like a crucible—it’s time to burn away parts of yourself that are bogus and inauthentic. Any preoccupation about external enemies or estranged partners must be matched by peering deep within about how you've neglected aspects of yourself. Recovering these abandoned parts and getting back on track with your life mission will become cooling solvents for what's roiling in you and affecting others.

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