Mars Square Venus

Mars Square Venus Natal

You can't help but make an impression on others because you strive and long to be impressed. You exude a grace and charm that’s infused in all you do. You want to give as good as you get. But you can be impulsively abrupt if you perceive that you're giving more than you're receiving. This is likely how your passion does you a disservice, especially in romantic relationships. You're always aware of a ratio between you and another, and sometimes it can feel like a competition to them. The lasting lesson is that the real contest is between you, what gives you pleasure, and how you can become more excellent at giving and receiving it. Your pursuit to fuse grace and grit might lead you to become involved in some form of craft making. You relish shaping a thing into a beautiful form with the force of your heart and hands. It's intimate and immediate.

Mars Square Venus Transit

Your desires, of all kinds, are heightened now. It's not only that you want more, but you want to give and receive more pleasure from what you do. If you're partnered, then your partner will likely appreciate your increased libido. But you might be frustrated if too much of your connection with them has become routine and predictable. You're looking to feel more alive in your body and give more body to whatever you can feel, touch, and taste. This bodes well for handicraft work of all kinds. Likewise, you're more attentive to the aesthetics of what you're wearing and what's around you. Like all Mars transits, you must be careful that you don't try to make too many changes all at once or tackle more than you can manage now. Pace your joy. Know that there's more to be had and you're entitled to it. But you don't have to make up for lost time at once.

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