Mars Trine Mercury

Mars Trine Mercury Natal

The pen is certainly mightier than the sword when wielded in your hands! But you might do well with both. You have a natural dexterity with your hands and legs that likely make it easy for you to learn complex dance moves or physical exercises. Likewise, you perhaps have a way with words or expressing yourself that makes others very receptive to you. Even if others don't agree with you, they'll probably have to respect how you're able to make your points clear and relatable. Yet, the distance between what you think and do or say is very short, suggesting that you’re impulsive. You can just as hastily fire off an ego-crushing email as jump on a plane to journey half-way around the world with little forethought. That prompts you to be very good at winging it, but not as great as sticking to things.  

Mars Trine Mercury Transit

You're in the zone where it's easier to manifest what you think. So be mindful of what you think! Fortunately, this free-flowing and mostly positive transit keeps you optimistic and too on the go to focus on negativity. Yet, the increased ease with which you can write, speak, or concentrate means that you can easily fly into a rabbit hole that yields a whole bunch of something or nothing at all. It depends on whether you're clear upfront about your goals. If you must sit for long periods of time, take frequent breaks to be physically active somehow. Your body needs as much motion as your mind. In fact, your mind-body connection improves enough that you’re better able to sense more with your gut than usual. So, take heed when you notice something doesn't feel right because you perhaps can spot when things are off before you can fully think it all through.

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