Mars Square Moon

Mars Square Moon Natal

Perhaps you feel the admonition to "look before you leap" is for the timid, not people like you. You're not entirely wrong. You don’t want to look too hard before you jump headlong into anything, because you only live once, right? You want to enjoy and experience as much of what life has to offer as you can. You resist comfort often because you fear you'll miss out on doing something interesting. This fear perhaps stimulates much of your impatience and frustration with people. Yet, you probably can't say that you haven't had more than your fair share of accidents and mishaps from your impulsivity. Of course, the answer isn't to become an overly cautious, comfort lover. Instead, you can become more selective about how you choose to dive into your passions. Once you know, without question, that you have true grit, you can ease into any difficulty on your own terms without frustration, anger, or fear.    

Mars Square Moon Transit

You likely can't get comfortable, and maybe you're not certain you want to be. You're restless, and you want to put yourself in the heat of action. This probably will lead you to be more impulsive and impatient than usual. Some might think you're churlish at times, but you don't want to spend precious time and energy coddling feelings, including your own. Perhaps you fear that you've been too careful and you want to cast caution in the trash. But a little kindness and moderation will go far now, starting with yourself. You don't have to fear that you'll overpamper them if you speak openly about how to align your needs with theirs. You also needn’t push yourself to the limit all at once to go farther than you've gone before. Instead, seek to reach new thresholds incrementally. You'll need to find rest periods as frequently as you push ahead with this transit.

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