Mars Trine Moon

Mars Trine Moon Natal

Others see you as a veritable shelter in a storm. And you're often more than willing to be a protector and defender when times are rough for even complete strangers. You live to "be there" for others in practical and tangible ways. You perhaps find it impossible to perform lip service with anything since you require such a strong alignment between what you feel and what you do. You can't just "go through the motions" if you're not feeling it. That's why you tend to avoid pretense and pretentious people. You're real, and you expect others to be real with you. When others aren't, you might be angry for a bit. But then you just shut them out of your life, as if they were never there. In fact, you have a profound ability to shut out a lot to insulate yourself. The downside to that is that you might keep a lot in even as you let people and things go.

Mars Trine Moon Transit

There is a powerful alignment between what you feel and do now. This likely makes it easy to put your all into whatever you do and see positive results. You also feel emotionally supported by friends, family, and colleagues with your endeavors. In turn, you're able to offer encouragement and practical support to others. You perhaps can do this effortlessly because you sincerely want to be present for others in ways that maybe weren't true for you in the past. You're not only sensitive to the pain of others, but you're also aware of how others are in pain. And you want to do more about it. You're also inclined to make amends with people you might have hurt. Actions now will speak way louder than words. You don't need anyone to tell you what to do. You want them to show you. Doing is seeing and believing.

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