Mars opposite Moon

Mars Opposite Moon Natal

It's perhaps difficult for you to accept comfort and safety in your life. It's not that you feel you don't deserve those things. But you perhaps fear that a safety net and comfort zone are traps that prevent you from living your best and freest life. So, you shun too much nurturing, cuddling, coddling, and other creature comforts because you don't want to feel like a domesticated pet. This probably sounds extreme, but it's likely that you're prone to extremes. You might think that you can't spare an inch with your feelings since something or someone might end up making a long-distance run right into your heart. So, you're inclined to stay on the defensive and engage in a push-pull tango with those who love you or want to get close to you. You also might play some permutation of this dance even with associates since you generally avoid getting too close or intimate.  

Mars Opposite Moon Transit

You find it hard to open up about your feelings, fearing others might manipulate you or compromise your autonomy in some way. Yet, your fear and defensiveness will probably lead to more confrontations with others as your emotions are frequently close to bubbling to the surface. You're inclined to think that a good defense is a better offense. But that likely strikes others as irrational and irritating. Others might not expect any more from you than to uncork the emotions that you think you're keeping under wraps so well. You're not, and once you make peace with that, you'll likely begin to get along better with more people. Yet, you will be very successful with keeping folks at bay who indeed are trying to boss you around or play underhanded games. But those aren’t probably folks in your inner circle who you love and love you back.

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