Mars Square Uranus

Mars Square Uranus Natal

You feel life is better lived on the edge or you’re not living at all. Your continuous search for novelty and what’s unusual draws you toward a need for speed and risk. Perhaps you're not sure if you're a thrill-seeker because you love the thrills or because you're a strange person and unusual experiences complement who you are. No need for chicken and egg sophistry here. You're the bird yearning for liberty who’s willing to crack out of anything that boxes you in. But you might confuse being erratic with freedom for so long that you can't tell the difference. Yet, your loved ones can and it’s likely hard for them to feel at ease and free with you. Constant unpredictability means that you're completely subject to whatever comes your way and you're more out of control than in. That would seem to negate why you seek freedom in the first place.      

Mars Square Uranus Transit

You really don't want anyone to tell you what to do. Yet, you might not know exactly all that you want to do or how. But you'll probably become angry if you're censured in any way. That's mostly because you've resisted letting out many of your feelings. You want to revolt against everything. Of course, that's not possible since you, at least, need to abide by your own authority to accomplish anything meaningful. Honestly, you're looking more to follow a new set of rules set up by you or to which you can agree on your own terms. That's where you must fire up your creativity and look closer at how you've been doing things. Experiment, yet realize that you'll have to be patient before you see results. Also, don't assume that any questions from others, about what you're doing and how, is a challenge. You might unjustly go off on someone who's only trying to help rather than hinder you.  

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